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Chromate Coversion Coatings

Chromate conversion coatings are applied to zinc plated surfaces to extend the corrosion resistance of the plating.  This extended protection is due to the corrosion-inhibiting effect of the chromium contained in the coating.  The conversion coatings also protect because of a barrier that is formed between the atmosphere and the zinc plating.

Clear Chromate (blue, bright or iridescent)
- Hexavalent or trivalent
- Zinc protection from 24 to 96 hours of salt spray test


Yellow Chromate (gold, brassy or bronze iridescent)
- Zinc protection from 72 to over 250 hours of salt spray test


Black Chromate
- Zinc protection from 48 to 200 hours with special processing


Olive Drab Chromate
- Zinc protection from 96 to 200 hours salt spray test.


Green Chromate
- Zinc protection from 240 to over 400 hours salt spray test


- An acrylic copolymer coating that is applied over the chromate to substantially improve salt spray resistance, abrasion resistance, and improve the general appearance of the product.  A Mid-City Plating specialized process.

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